Can’t sleep? Try my 5 min nighttime ritual…

Hello folks,

The kids have been off for the last week, which makes getting any work done rather difficult.

To be honest, I rarely work during the school holidays. It’s my precious time to spend with my babies chilling out and doing fun stuff. Freedom and flexibility is certainly one of the key benefits of being a business owner and it’s something I never take for granted.

Whilst we often get more flexibility as business owners, the downside is running a business is very pressured – at the end of the day the buck stops with you.

You are responsible for not only servicing your clients but also bringing in new leads each month. And on top of this you also have all the daily admin stuff, replying to emails, managing your accounts, creating marketing materials and so on.

It’s not always easy and staying motivated can be tough.

So as businesses owners we need to make sure that we take a little time each day to release the pressure, regain our balance and to restore our energy tank ready for the next day.

As a mum, teaching my kids about self-care, managing emotions and positive self-talk is so important to me. It’s a vital life skill for both kids and adults.

Today Elliott and me are going to share a little nighttime routine we do each night together called ‘The 4 Questions’. We actually recorded this via Facebook LIVE on Monday.

‘The 4 Questions’ is something I encourage everyone to do, not just children, as it’s a powerful way of releasing negative thoughts and setting yourself up for a restful nights sleep and a better tomorrow.

Make ‘The 4 Questions’ part of your nighttime routine and see what a difference it makes!

Hope you enjoy it.

Business blessings


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