‘Get 7 Clients in 7 Days’ – Live Recording From London ExCeL

Hey there,

Hope you all had a super duper Easter. I packed the kids off to school this morning after a nice long two week break. It’s always a juggle in the holidays. But I actually took some time off to take them to London for the first time to see the sights! I’m always travelling down to London for work, so it was nice to take the family and play the tourist for a change.

Talking of London, a few weeks ago I ran a workshop called ‘How To Get 7 Clients in 7 Days’ at The Best You Expo London ExCeL. Thought you might like to take a look.

In this 40 min live workshop I literally pull back the curtains on my biz to reveal what marketing strategies I’m using this year to keep a steady stream of clients knocking at my door. As always I’m very upfront and honest and clearly demonstrate the exact masterplan you need to follow if you too want to create a successful and profitable lifestyle business.

It’s powerful content you won’t want to miss!

Grab yourself and cuppa and a chocolate biscuit, sit back and relax and press play…

Business Blessings to you all.

Louise x


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