How Much Should You Charge Your Clients?

Hey folks and welcome back.

This week I want to bring an important subject to your attention – CHARGING YOUR WORTH.

Deciding on your pricing structure can be one of the trickiest things to pin down in the early days of your business. Charge too little and people won’t think you’re any good and charge too much and people simply won’t buy. You have to pitch it just right.

Here is something I really want you to consider.

As a service based business you are NOT selling just an hour of your time, a workshop or a 6-week programme, in truth what you are really selling is TRANSFORMATION.

Think about it.

You are helping someone to reignite their marriage, to change career or turn around their business (or whatever it is you do) – these are big results!

Now stop and consider what price tag you’d put on delivering this kind of result for your client. You must not under value the impact you are having on your clients’ life.

It’s bigger than you think!

In this week’s video I am sharing three fundamental things you need to consider when setting your prices and packages in 2017.

Business blessings to you.


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