Meet my amazing clients!


Choosing a business mentor is a big deal and you need to be sure that they are worth their salt. A good way you can get a feel for what a mentor is like is by listening to what their clients say about them. Below are just some of the fabulous clients I’ve worked with this year sharing their thoughts about me and my programme. I hope you find useful, but remember the best way to find out more is to book your free Business Strategy Session with me.

“I first watched Louise speak at the UK Health Coaching Annual conference and I just had to reach out! I had coaching with Louise to support my business growth and guidance and tools I learned were invaluable. I implemented them right away and found instant improvement in my business. Thank you, Louise Presley-Turner.”

Sian Young CHC
UN and TEDxWomen International Speaker | Multi-Award-Winning |Published Author| Guest Writer 

“Louise is a top coach! Personable, knowledgeable, wise and genuinely interested. Louise has a wealth of experience and is a professional in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise in personal business coaching on a one-to-one, or equally in groups for corporate wellness and resilience.”

Fiona Drake
Mindset Coach and International Speaker 

“I first met Louise at a conference where she was a speaker. It had been a long day, I was tired and Louise was last to speak but she totally lit up the stage and I sat bolt upright in my chair! That was it I was hooked! Afterwards I contacted her and asked her to be my Coach. We worked together for 6 months as I designed and launched my Coaching business. Louise was a massive support, really motivating and always filled with ideas and powerful questions to stretch my thinking and help me take the action I needed to be successful. Since working together we have become friends and I love her energy and always smiling face. She is extremely knowledgeable in many different areas and a brilliant asset to any team or working one-2-one.”

Penny Delve
Helping professionals elevate to the next level using positive psychology | Coaching | Hypnotherapy | Careers

“Would highly recommend Louise – she’s been a game changer in my life, all positive!”

Kim Allison
Mental Health Specialist at NHS

“Reducing the cost of workplace stress with my corporate wellbeing programs Louise is an experienced coach and business mentor. She brings spiritual mindfulness and wisdom to a business context. She is fabulous at what she does and I always feel inspired and motivated after working with her. I would highly recommend Louise.”

Dawn Barnes