Is your website costing you clients?

Hey folks and welcome back to another VLOG. This week we’re talking WEBSITES!

Is your website costing you clients? Do you actually know whether you’re allowing leads to slip through your fingers?

Your website is your shop window, it’s the first port of call for most people.

You have just 4 seconds when someone lands on your homepage to grab their attention and make them want to hang around. So, is your website doing its job?

Find out by asking a stranger to your work if they can answer the following questions. I think you might be surprised by their feedback.

  1. What do I do for a living?
  2. What market do you think I serve?
  3. What problem do you think I help my clients overcome?
  4. What products and services do I sell?

In this week’s video I’m walking you through some of the BIG website mistakes that could be costing you thousands and what you can do to fix them.

Happy watching.

Business Blessings to you.

Louise x

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