For the last 14 years, I’ve Working with individuals and businesses to improve performance, leadership and wellbeing, through coaching initiatives, e-learning training programmes, running L&D sessions, workshops and seminar and conceptualising training and development plans and I’ve worked for UK’s highest-profile organisations such as DHL, The Fire Service and Swiss Re.

I’M very proud to have had three books published on the topic of performance and welling and my work my work has been featured on the BBC and in magazines and newspapers such as Psychologies, Women and Home and The Daily Express.

I am passionate about raising the profile of wellbeing and performance in the workplace. Going forward the number one question people will ask when looking for a job is…

“Does this organisation have a healthy culture that supports wellbeing and development?”

And this is where I come in…

I help organisations in two clear niche areas:


Wellbeing has to become the number one priory for any forward-thinking organisation, whether you’re wanting to…

  • Develop and implement wellbeing, development, learning policies, procedures, structures and systems/span>

  • Create internal employee questionnaire, surveys and focus groups

  • Develop business cases for stakeholders

  • Create company-wide wellbeing campaigns

  • Put in place in-house psychological support

  • Recruit internal wellbeing or mental health champions

  • Form internal support groups and forums

  • Plan and run regular Lunch n Learns, seminars and workshops

  • Content creation and content curation

  • Design and implement internal wellbeing e-newsletter campaigns

A recent study by Mind showed that 48% of employees experienced poor mental health in the workplace and it’s time we did something about it!


Performance and leadership has to become a priory within your organisation if you want to attract and retain the best talent. Maybe you’re looking to…

  • Prepare your next level of leaders by helping them develop leadership and interpersonal skills

  • Master time management skills for key members of staff

  • Build creativity and problem solving skills within your teams

  • Develop powerful presenting skills to create real impact and influence

  • Help leaders develop an understanding of emotional intelligence in the workplace and its importance as future leaders

  • Cultivate a coaching culture within your organisation by teaching leader how to successfully coach their staff to get results

  • Create a better understanding of mental health within the workplace and how managers can better support their staff

  • Help the less confident leaders build self-esteem and assertiveness skills

So whatever your focus I can come into your business with and work alongside your L&D and HR departments to find the right solution and implement a plan that gets real results.

The future of the workplace is rapidly changing and I’m excited to work with a forward-thinking organisation ready to make a culture shift, who understand their future success relies on the wellbeing & development of their people.

I am available for both short and long term contracts, please reach out for a chat.


“It’s lovely feeling like you’ve got someone on your side, wanting the very best for you and your business. Louise knows her stuff!”

Ruby McGuire – Founder of

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