Are you looking to launch an online business or already have a business and struggling to attract the clients you need?

I work with all kinds of experts, authors, thought leaders, coaches and service professionals helping them to create a successful online lifestyle business.

For the last 10 years I have been helping literally thousands of women to create the lifestyle they have always dreamt of. I am passionate about showing people that they don’t have to be held back in the 9-5 world, and that they can break free, follow their passion, launch their business and create the wealth abundance and freedom they deserve and desire.

Having built two successful online businesses from scratch, I know what it takes to succeed and together with me, you can too. I know marketing inside out. With a background in advertising and marketing I know what it really takes to stand out in a busy market place.

Your business should be a wonderful reflection of you but if you don’t put the basics in place it will be your worst headache. I have the strategies and acumen for your business combined with the coaching tools to restore the confidence and balance you’ve been looking for and best of all I’m British!! Sounds obvious, but unlike American mentors I really understand the UK market place, UK audience and UK media.

So, forget these ‘6-figure’ mentors that boast about their dream lifestyle, business mentors who have never had a previous business or ‘one trick’ ponies who promise get rich quick schemes… if you want to know how to build a successful online business that people won’t forget, become the go to expert in your field and want inside leading edge marketing expertise that will bring clients to your door over and over, I can show you how.


We follow a simple 7 step masterplan when working with our clients.


Get clear on your client avatar

Who you serve in the world and what’s the big problem you’re solving for your market? We help you define your USP.


Get clear on your brand personality

A strong brand will help you stand out and be the difference. Get it right and your brand will be compelling and create loyal customers who buy from you again and again. Your brand is your personality and it’s in everything you do from how you look and what you say to how you sell. But don’t worry, we are here to help you build yours.


Create your profit pipeline

Outline your business sales funnel, get clear on what you’re offering and at what price. Finally, how to create programmes that people will buy.


Become a master at selling authentically with soul

Converting prospects into clients is vital for any business! Understand the psychology behind selling, the key buying levers and learn how to create your own personal framework for converting clients.


A new twist on good old School marketing

Some of the old school marketing tools are still the cornerstone for a successful business and must not be overlooked! Learn proven offline marketing strategies such as getting in the media, speaking from stage, exhibiting, prospecting and joint ventures.


Get this right and watch your business fly!

Digital marketing is King, and you need to keep up if you want to stay in the game. But don’t worry if you’re not a technology nerd. You’ll learn how to build a list using opt-ins and squeeze pages, understand content marketing, create videos and webinars, get to grips with social media marketing, PPC advertising and re-targeting.


Wealth consciousness

I’m a self-help junkie and have spent the last decade helping people manifest the life of their dreams (I’ve also written two books on the subject). I know more than anybody that business success is always an inside job. You gotta believe it to receive it! So as part of my programme working on re-wiring your mind is one of the most important things we do.


“It’s lovely feeling like you’ve got someone on your side, wanting the very best for you and your business. Louise knows her stuff!”

Ruby McGuire – Founder of

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